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Awesome Sun Pillar

Robert Watcher

Well-known member
Driving around country roads before sunrise this morning - this spectacle appeared in the East sky. This Sun Pillar was streaking up while the sun was still below the horizon

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Robert Watcher

Well-known member
I wonder how that amazing colum occurs!

According to Wikipedia:

”A light pillar is an atmospheric optical phenomenon in which a vertical beam of lightappears to extend above and/or below a light source. The effect is created by the reflectionof light from tiny ice crystals that are suspended in the atmosphere or that comprise high-altitude clouds (e.g. cirrostratus or cirrus clouds).[1] If the light comes from the Sun (usually when it is near or even below the horizon), the phenomenon is called a sun pillar or solar pillar. Light pillars can also be caused by the Moon or terrestrial sources, such as streetlights.”