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  1. Asher Kelman

    Dusk Skies in Los Angeles

    It was late! I visited my son, but could hardly leave the street. as I was mesmerized by the sky! Asher Kelman: “Dusk, Visiting My Son”
  2. Doug Kerr

    A sunset optical iliusion

    In this image shot by Carla's son Larry from his favorite vantage point here in Alamogordo, N.N (the parking lot of the Walmart Neighborhood Market): Lawrence R. Henry: Sunset optical illusion Edited by Douglas A. Kerr one is tempted tho think that the lower edge of the bright area is the...
  3. P

    Show us your best sunsets….

    Let’s see your best sunset pictures. 2011 Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat by Paolo Dolina, on Flickr
  4. Will Thompson

    Crescent moon sunset with palm trees

  5. Robert Watcher

    Sunset Silhoutte

  6. Robert Watcher

    Lake Huron Sunset

    A unique cloud cover as the sun was setting tonight Anne took a pic of me from behind without me knowing
  7. Robert Watcher

    Painting the skies with Livecomp

    Painting the skies with Livecomp (a feature unique to all Olympus micro four-thirds cameras). E-M10 w/14-42 kit lens - 100ISO with 3 to 10 minute exposures. Wirelessly transferred to iPad and processed with Snapseed app.
  8. Chris Calohan

    Sunset 11-5

  9. Robert Watcher

    Lone Bird at Sunset

    Lone Bird at Sunset
  10. Chris Calohan

    A Rainy Night in Florida

  11. Robert Watcher

    Sunset - Moonrise

    Looking to the west, the sun sunk below the horizon around 8:16pm. Turning 180 degrees and waiting until around 9:00pm, the Blue/Sturgeon moon rose from the East - following Saturn, then Jupiter. Neptune followed in the arc, but was not visible to the human eye.
  12. Chris Calohan

    After the Sun Sets B&W

  13. Robert Watcher

    Secluded Beach

    A few pics from one location along a river bank, with my camera pointed to the west, were a few stragglers wandered back and forth on a sand causeway where the river flows into Lake Huron. I used two lenses with zoom ranges 22mm (35mm equivalent) to 600mm (35mm equivalent)
  14. R

    Sunset over Middleton Moor

  15. Asher Kelman

    Shadows on the back of a girl

    At a restaurant last night people were celebrating access to many restaurants. I noticed that back of one diner shadows from the string sun! Asher Kelman: “Girl with Blue-Jeans” Asher
  16. Robert Watcher

    Sun just before heading below the horizon

    Sun just before heading below the horizon. Anne and drove to lonely spot on a hill overlooking the lake this evening. I took along my newly delivered Olympus EM1 mkii to familiarize myself with while sitting on a bench with frozen fingers. This pic is shot with a 600mm equivalent lens...
  17. M

    The first sunsh-t of 2021…

    Yes, I said “sunsh-t” because this is a sorry mess. Welcome to the new year! May you find an unspoiled landscape to photograph. This was in the LA area.
  18. M

    Winter window sunsets

    A few views out the window this week. Don't know what I’d do without this western view during lockdown!
  19. M

    If humans were in charge of sunsets...

    ...you'd get this (tonight in LA). Part of my Covid-Capture series (out the bedroom window!).