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  1. Chris Calohan

    Sunset 11-5

  2. Robert Watcher

    Lone Bird at Sunset

    Lone Bird at Sunset
  3. Chris Calohan

    A Rainy Night in Florida

  4. Robert Watcher

    Sunset - Moonrise

    Looking to the west, the sun sunk below the horizon around 8:16pm. Turning 180 degrees and waiting until around 9:00pm, the Blue/Sturgeon moon rose from the East - following Saturn, then Jupiter. Neptune followed in the arc, but was not visible to the human eye.
  5. Chris Calohan

    After the Sun Sets B&W

  6. Robert Watcher

    Secluded Beach

    A few pics from one location along a river bank, with my camera pointed to the west, were a few stragglers wandered back and forth on a sand causeway where the river flows into Lake Huron. I used two lenses with zoom ranges 22mm (35mm equivalent) to 600mm (35mm equivalent)
  7. R

    Sunset over Middleton Moor

  8. Asher Kelman

    Shadows on the back of a girl

    At a restaurant last night people were celebrating access to many restaurants. I noticed that back of one diner shadows from the string sun! Asher Kelman: “Girl with Blue-Jeans” Asher
  9. Robert Watcher

    Sun just before heading below the horizon

    Sun just before heading below the horizon. Anne and drove to lonely spot on a hill overlooking the lake this evening. I took along my newly delivered Olympus EM1 mkii to familiarize myself with while sitting on a bench with frozen fingers. This pic is shot with a 600mm equivalent lens...
  10. M

    The first sunsh-t of 2021…

    Yes, I said “sunsh-t” because this is a sorry mess. Welcome to the new year! May you find an unspoiled landscape to photograph. This was in the LA area.
  11. M

    Winter window sunsets

    A few views out the window this week. Don't know what I’d do without this western view during lockdown!
  12. M

    If humans were in charge of sunsets...

    ...you'd get this (tonight in LA). Part of my Covid-Capture series (out the bedroom window!).
  13. Chris Calohan


  14. M

    Geometric Chicken-Foot Sunset

    The tree trimmers came by earlier in the week and improved my west-facing LA-area lockdown peephole view of the world. Thursday evening, I peeked out to catch the sunset and was greeted with some large chicken foot and other geometric shapes. I think there’s a sunset buried in here somewhere...
  15. Chris Calohan

    October Skies

  16. Chris Calohan

    Triple Sons of One Mother

    Five Shot Pano
  17. Chris Calohan

    The Half's and Half Nots

  18. Robert Watcher

    Marina after sun down

    20 minutes from where we are staying, are beach, port and marina areas along Lake Huron. While taking this shot after sundown, a couple of boats came in to dock. They became a blur because of my use of 100ISO and long exposure to smooth out the water. I then decided to try my favourite Olympus...