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  1. A

    Trees and rocks

  2. A

    River red gums

  3. Asher Kelman

    Challenge for Pictures in a Series: Motif or Concept Fabulous Trees!

    Right now our nearby Holmby Park is wonderfully colored with roses and other flowers. But in the center of the open lawn is a colorful tree some 25 ft high with pink blossom, thr Crepe Myrtle! Asher Kelman: “Crepe Myrtle in Holmby Park” Post your best art photography work of trees that you...
  4. Robert Watcher


    A light birch tree stood out in the forest
  5. Asher Kelman

    Looking up tree trunks!

    In my street there are many trees! I have gotten to appreciate their texture, flaws on coverage with bark and healed scars. I find them to be stalwart figures like knights keeping us secure and giving us abundant shade and fresh oxygen to breath.
  6. Chris Calohan

    f/Stop Photo Competition

    While it may not bring a smile to your faces, though I hope it will, it made me happy last night to take Best of Show and a second place in Landscape. As well, I got a great Purchase Prize Award. Best of Show Second Place - Landscape Purchase Prize Award
  7. P

    No Bucket Trucks...

    ...here in Colombia for tree cutters. Guy just climbs up a rope hand over hand and goes to work on the limbs toppling the tree chunk by chunk. This was a Croton sp. tree in front of my house that was very old, losing big limbs and in poor condition. Here in this department of Colombia property...
  8. Chris Calohan

    Rework, Bright Sunshiny Day

  9. Chris Calohan

    It Was a Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day

  10. A

    Foliage textures

  11. Antonio Correia


    six images
  12. M

    Happy To Be Here

    Helloooo, Very happy to have found this forum as this seems to be somewhere where there are people with the same interests as me. I am very into capturing the 'is-ness' of things - such a lovely phrase - explains everything! Often my photographs have no other meaning other than the is-ness of...