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A Portrait with the Zeiss 100MP

Rajan Parrikar

pro member
From my blog post In Praise of Zeiss.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief


What a riveting expression with one eye and just one surface of the nose in sharp focus. The DOF must be just 5 mm or so! A girl or a boy? There's mystery too it. I like the effect!

Not knowing the nomenclature of the Zeiss lenses, I thought, at first that you had acquired sme exotic 100 Mega Pixels sensor, LOL! I'd love to hear from you what made you choose the Zeiss 100 mm Macro lens instead of a standard MFR's own 100 mm Macro.

Is the reported and claimed "3D appearance" something you recognize and experience?


Rajan Parrikar

pro member

She is my niece. It was not a planned shot, and happened spontaneously when we were out in the open by a paddy field on a monsoon morning. The lens was not too far from her face - you can see my reflection in her eyes.

I chose the ZE 100 f/2 MP primarily for Portraiture and Landscapes, because it delivers an incredible performance from up close right to infinity, with its very flat field. The helicoid focus ring is also marvelous, allowing for fine and precise manual focus adjustment. Canon has the 85L and 135L lenses, both superb in their own right, but they fall short for landscape photography, in my view. Whereas the ZE100 is stellar.

The Macro came along for the ride since I don't currently do serious Macro photography (it is, by the way, a 1:2 Macro, not 1:1, so hardcore and dedicated Macro shooters usually go for the Canon 100L or 185L Macro lenses).

I, too, have heard of the "3D" stuff. As you know, there is a cult of Zeiss devotees who imbue their lenses with mysterious and magical properties. It is true that there are some verifiable properties the ZE 100 has - such as excellent micro-contrast. But the "3D" stuff is not something I can lay a finger on. If you figure that out, let me know :)