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  1. Jerome Marot

    Photographic Gems of Our Times From The Web Citizens Of Kyiv by Alexander Chekmenev

    A series of portraits of inhabitants of Kiev, taken by Ukrainian photographer Alexander Chekmenev with a Pentax 645z and originally published in the New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/03/18/magazine/ukraine-war-kyiv.html Alternative link with the same images...
  2. Antonio Correia

    May 2013 - book editor

  3. Jarmo Juntunen

    Smile is overrated

    Some folks around here might remember my youngest, Laura. Well, she is no longer into everything pink and fluffy.
  4. M

    Ken & Earnest

    At a favourite restaurant. “The Madhouse” is a former bank known for images of mad folk, a good selection of beer, and the widest range of whisky in town. My good friend Ken poses alongside Earnest. Note the similarity despite differences in age. Cheers, Mike
  5. Will Thompson

    On a fun note Lighting for “BEAUTIFUL” people

    How and why for best results? Please post examples.
  6. M

    Art Appreciation 101

    “One's assessment of an object must be free and unhampered, with nothing between you and the object. You must look directly at it. To decide that a particular piece must be valuable because it is by a particular artist is weak and demeaning. Your assessment only gains meaning when you look at...
  7. Tom dinning


    Never let your wife wash your hat. It’s been my constant companion for 12 years and never seen the inside of a washing machine. Only rain to rinse and sunlight to disinfect. It has seen my hair come and go; and stay gone. It has been sat on, shat on, eaten from, beaten with, written on, rose...
  8. James Lemon

    Auto Face & Eye Detection

  9. Jim Olson

    My attempt at portraits

    Lars (my child) & I went out to take portraits. I have been trying to Dodge & Burn this image since we got home yesterday. I was hoping for overcasts sky but no luck. And the bright sun & shadows are not making it very easy for me. I have tried many times using GIMP but I just can't get it correct.
  10. P

    18 year old girl with hazel eyes

    What do you think. Picture taken with Canon 5d4 + Canon EF 85 1.4 L IS
  11. James Lemon


  12. Antonio Correia

    Watching and waiting

  13. fahim mohammed

    My World: Portrait, Monochrome

    A while back...
  14. S

    photoshoot in Greenock Scotland

    For what is worth, here are photos from a recent photo shoot in Greenock, Scotland. © Serge Chabert Shot In Greenock (color on Fuji Provia 100 and black and white on Ilford HP5 plus) Model and makeup : Samantha Jack
  15. James Lemon


  16. James Lemon


  17. J

    Olympus releases the OMD E-M10 this week. I'm in. What lenses make the best start?

    Hi all! Let's talk about lenses. Just consider my query a kickoff, and consider yourself invited to take the conversation wherever you want to! I'm new and joining the forums with the encouragement of Senior Member Rachel Foster, due to my enthusiasm for the new Olympus OM-D E-M10. Olympus...
  18. H

    Hello from B-ham, WA

    Hey everyone, I live in Bellingham, Washington, proudly known as the city with the least sunlight in the country (whoo!). Along with my consistent consumption of Vitamin D gummies, I take a lot of pictures...something I'm sure we all have in common! When the sun comes out, you bet I'm out there...
  19. J


    Shot in the room.. window light only.. James Yu: Cheryl
  20. R

    A Portrait with the Zeiss 100MP

    From my blog post In Praise of Zeiss.