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Some portrait photo's taken last weekend


New member
Wanted to share some portrait photo's I made last weekend incl. my first ever low key portrait. I am a starting photographer so please go easy on me ;)
Can't wait to see more of the work you guys make and to learn from you all!








Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief


Delighted to have you join us. But your work shows a talent for lighting and composition and the eye of a good photographer.

I am so impressed. You would be welcome to photograph any event that was dear to me!




New member
Thank you guys very much for the kind words!

I have only been photographing for a very short time, it is hard to get models for free (while I make the photo's for free for them) since hiring a studio is very expensive but I try
to practice as much as I can. It is my dream to become a professional photographer so I can make a living doing what I love most. Who knows, one day ;)


New member
Don't worry about going easy on you—we're all here to support each other and learn together!
Your first low key portrait? That's a huge milestone, and it looks fantastic. The moody vibes really draw you in.
You know, I remember when I first started dabbling in photography. It was a bit daunting at first, but with each snap, I felt more confident. And seeing your work reminds me of that journey.
Oh, and speaking of photography, we recently found a photographer for our graduation photoshoot, and they absolutely nailed it. You can check some of the works for more inspo.
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