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My World: Along the Silk Road....some glimpses.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
This is your specialty. You show perfect scenes that make the planet idyllic!

I’m thinking, how do you do it!

But no matter what hits you Fahim, you keep bringing us these magnificent scenes. It would be an extra super gift if you would tell us about how you got there and how long you lingered, the people, food and what languages are used. Do they understand Arabic or only for prayer?


fahim mohammed

Well-known member
I flew from Riyadh to Dubai. Stayed a couple of days in Dubai.
Then a flight to Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

The following map shows our route....

I skipped Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. We traveled by 4x4 and also took flights.
Border crossings by road were time consuming.

I have to admit that we were treated as special guests wherever we went. Our passports would make things go with minimum of fuss and utmost
Courtesy and politeness. We came from the holiest places of Islam! We were embarrassed by the welcome and hospitality in each and every country Ayesha ( she visited all ) and I visited. Surprising change for us!

Each country has its own language. But Russian is widely spoken and understood. As is Farsi in some countries. Arabic is used for prayers.
English is limited to major tourist hubs and guides.

We had no difficulty with food, communication or transport.

I cannot emphasize the welcome, friendliness, genuineness with which we were accepted in all countries bar none.

Ayesha developed eye infection, and our guide, Abrar, phoned his mother, a doctor...and took Ayesha to an optha specialist. Eyes examined.
Pharmacy delivered ointment to our hotel.
No charge! You are guests in our country! Unbelievable generosity.

The Silk Road brought civilizations together. And helping travelers is a part of that culture.
Besides, we were seeking medical help in the land where Ibn Sina was born!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

This description put a feast on the table. I am so pleased that you were treated so royally. In the hotel’s, what was the approximate spread of tourists you met?


fahim mohammed

Well-known member

The pharaonic people of Thebes were good. But the Hindu concept of zero ( 0 ) evaded them.

Khwarizmi took the zero and placed it at the center of his mathematical universe. He further postulated the radiation of his universe to all points from this zero.

Brahmagupta, who brilliantly brought forth the zero into the numeric system; postulated that zero divided by zero was zero. This is where he went astray.

Al-Khwarizmi correctly said that was absurd.

As to the people of Thebes, just as with the Greeks...,their mathematics was earthbound. Although they brilliantly knew to build triangles and cones with the apex towards the sun or a point indicating the rising of Sirus, their god.

But the Chinese, zorasterians also knew of this astronomical sightings.

But could not get the solution to even the second order equations.

Khwarizmi could and did.