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  1. fahim mohammed

    My World: A road less traveled.

    Why?, whispered the voice. Older, much fainter than the last time I had heard it. Why here, traveler?, a question, interspersed with coughs. And why alone?, a puzzled query. I am never alone, I replied. Never. I could feel an imaginary face turn and look all around. Then a slight low...
  2. Tom dinning

    What did I miss last time.

    I lived in Sydney for 40 years. I never tire of going back. This time I took my grand daughter. There is always something new, something old, something missed, something to revisit. It is by far the most picturesque city I have ever visited. Then again, I am Australian. What can I say?
  3. M


    Just one view for the moment, Mirabellgarten und Burg Michael
  4. fahim mohammed

    My World: Uzbekistan

    I joined up with Ayesha. I don’t have facility to upload pics. But first and foremost: the hospitality and courtesy of the Uzbek people has to be experienced to be believed. And then the architecture... I have traveled around the globe, but never witnessed such jaw dropping architecture. And...
  5. Robert Watcher

    What would we do without our cellphone?

    Vehicles that passed by me yesterday.
  6. Jarmo Juntunen

    Travelog: Death Valley Diversity

    I had formed my image of Death Valley from old westerns and Lucky Luke. The reality was a lot more. Artist`s Palette and a dry river bed Natural Bridge Canyon Natural Bridge Badwater Basin
  7. Jarmo Juntunen

    Travelog: Mojave

  8. J

    News: Julian Knight runs Fashion/Glamour/Advertising holiday workshops in Malta

    Want to get started at fashion photography or improve your existing skills? How about doing this while on an island holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean sea? British photographer Julian Knight has just the right solution. Back in the UK, Julian shot and art directed campaigns for major...
  9. Jarmo Juntunen

    Fort William to Mallaig

    We spent a most wonderful three-week holiday in the Scottish highlands last June. I could go on for pages and pages more about the beauty of this wonderful country, about its friendly people, the lochs and glens and so on, but my words simply would not do enough justice to Scotland. Neither will...
  10. J


    Hey all. My name is Jorik Blom. I am originally from South Africa, but after spending 7 years or so traveling around the world, I finally settled in South Lake Tahoe California. I decided to focus on snowboard and winter sports photography, and it's been quite a fun ride. Especially for a guy...
  11. N

    NY, LA... Asia?

    Hey Everyone! Just recently joined this forum looks like a great place for feedback and dialogue. Originally from New York and currently in Los Angeles (who knows where I'll be in a month), I have a passion for photography and traveling. I shoot a lot when I'm traveling as well as any chance I...
  12. A

    Just for Fun No C&C will be given: San Diego City College Photography Course - NEW YORK CITY - Summer 2009

    Hey Foto Dorks, Travelers, etc! San Diego City College have a travel-photography course going to NYC this summer 2009! We have a facebook group: Eurofoto/Cityfoto San Diego City College and A SITE http://eurofoto.info/ for news/updates/applications/etc. DATES ARE JUNE 3-10 so check it out...
  13. A

    Travel Photography with a passion

    Hi all, I invite you to browse the online galleries of Andrew Newey Photography, containing high quality travel photography from around the globe. Click the link below to begin your journey... www.andrewnewey.com Any feedback is good feedback! Cheers!
  14. H

    Youth Speaks Out

    It seems to me youth (or young growth) is shouting out in this picture. Comments?