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  1. Antonio Correia

    Some photographs from Kenya

  2. Ignacio “Oscar” Molina

    Granada Spain, "La Alhambra"

    I was a bit skeptical when I visited this city, some friends and family had told me how beautiful it was, but considering my work as an architect and my deeply weakness and appeal to contemporary spaces, I have been pushing me away from what we call "Ruins" or even religious architecture. To be...
  3. Vijay Mathew

    Walking in the palace gardens

    Hill Palace, Kochi
  4. Vijay Mathew

    Farmlands of Kerala

    Paddy and coconut cultivation in Kuttanad, an area lying below sea level. Farming is done on land reclaimed from a nearby lake. Pineapple farms, Pathanamthitta district
  5. Vijay Mathew

    Morning walk in Fort Kochi, Kerala

    A few shots of local buildings and sidewalk eateries
  6. Ignacio “Oscar” Molina


    Location> Toledo, Spain Toledo is one of the most important centers of european medieval history. Toledo was the capital of Spain from the Gothic epoch until 1560, fact that explains its really impressive medieval architecture.
  7. Ignacio “Oscar” Molina

    Monumental Castle!

    Malaga, the monument is made for Colon. The creativity layes within our imagination, this is created by our adventures and our lust in traveling.
  8. Ignacio “Oscar” Molina

    The nature of the ocean.

    This picture was taken on Tenerife, Canary Islands, where the ocean never sleeps and always gives you moments to remember.
  9. Antonio Correia

    Ladakh | India - 2013

    Digging, digging...
  10. Antonio Correia

    At the market

    This is one of the photo I will be including in a larger collection representing the travel to India in 2016. The collection will be varied and through it we will be able to get a perception of the India we have been to for a couple of days. Most probably I will have a book made in Blurb to...
  11. fahim mohammed

    My World: Answering the call!!

  12. Jarmo Juntunen

    Two souvenirs

    Some of you might know I recently spent 7 months in the UK. These two personal gems surfaced from the files. In the first one, a very resourceful street musician keeps covered from the weather. Cambridge Street Music The second one is a much more personal shot. This is my offspring...
  13. Tim Rucci

    The Green River Overlook was probably too easy....

    Perhaps this one might be a little more challenging... but who knows? Where am I?
  14. Tim Rucci

    Here's a super easy one. Where am I?

    Please be specific.
  15. fahim mohammed

    My World: From our Alsace diaries...

    D700, ZF 35/2 Alsace, France.
  16. fahim mohammed

    My World: The green green fields of...

    In this case not the green green fields of home ( Tom Jones, if you are old enough! ) but in Asia. From the archives.
  17. fahim mohammed

    My World: From my archives...

    We were a little early for cherry blossoms!
  18. fahim mohammed

    My World: Where three mountain ranges meet!!

    The Himalayas, the Karakoram, and the Hindu Kush. No mountain peak depicted is less than 5000 meters. Not far away, there were some military incidents reported between the PRC and India. One of the Old Silk Routes traverses this geographical location... Fuji X-T3, XF 18-55. Baltistan...
  19. fahim mohammed

    My World: Abandoned..Not erased!!

    Fuji X100S. NY, N.Y. From the archives.
  20. fahim mohammed

    My World: Singer...not the song!

    Fuji X-T1, XF 35/1.4, Alienskin Blowup Beijing..From the archives.