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NSFW And some model portfolio shots for comments

As with my product thread these images are posted to get comments and hopefully improve my skills.
With a specific note, no comments on the model herself, In this case the photographer is entirely to blame if I am not doing what is needed.

The object of these shots is to market the model herself so to speak, so that she gets hired by other photographers.

I always recommend to models that they aim towards 5 different shots and then get them from at least three different photographers to develop the absolute minimum portfolio.
1. a Head shot
2. A Half-Body
3. A Full body
4. An action/drama/sports shot to show off that they can at least act or do more than pose to some extent
5. an optional limits shot(s).
The last one is especially important to nude figure or fetish/erotic models to let photographers know what their limits are. if they don't have any of these shots, I presume they may regret them at some point, so won't tend to hire models even if they say in their checkboxes or online text that they do when I do a search/browse for new models. If they have some even close, I know I can ask and I know they will be comfortable shooting those categories if it is what I need. Of course some portfolio sites don't allow nudity, but I would not ask on those sites anyway. And it is important to remember that just because they have that shot, does not necessarily mean they are still doing that category or will with you anyway.

So with that in mind here are a few from the last shoot I did with some portfolio work intended, the model's desire was to get some shots of her in her tribal dancing outfit. "Tribal" is a category of belly dancing in this case.
The last is a just for the fun of it action shot, where I was paying with scarves, but covers #4 very well I think.

I also took some limits shots, but since they fall in the light erotic category, do not need to be included here.

The best head shots were actually captured in the product taking segment of the shoot.


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Well then if you insist.

I don't think it is a very good shot except for showing her nudity limits and it did not help that the first one was shot with my stereo rig.
The second is a better shot, but showing different limits (willing to do fetish, without the usual ropework) so many different kinds of fetish though.
The third is is a product shot for a very niche product category, which several people were interested in, but has never sold, but provided the idea for the middle shot, since we happened to have a small apple handy.


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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
If it’s a product shot, does one always need the head. If not, I could do some for you just for the oddity of it. I actually have one model I discovered was really into sadomasochism.

I was only able to photograph her fingers as she was so obviously bruised!

But seemingly a happy person!

These choices are totally foreign to me but I see no obvious harm and I have no professional medical insight into any judgments folk might make. It’s as if she speaks Russian or Iclandic languages!

If it is the product itself, not always, I will frequently shoot the product by itself.
I used to crop the collars down to just the neck, but found people prefer seeing an actual person with it.
Same with Ball gags, used to be just the chin to eyes, but again I got slightly better response with a full head shot, although I could crop the top part of the head out.
And a live model gets a better response than a mannikin, which is why fashion catalogs use live models.

And I have seen some very way beyond things in my time, like one submissive at an event that loved severe humiliation, if I had not known the monitor for a particular activity I would have felt the need to step in, but I did know him and trusted him, so I didn't. The next day the submissive was one very happy person because she got to do what she liked to do the most. You could see the happiness coming off like a light house beacon. To me very strange, but it apparently made her very happy.

If a model is into something I usually get better pictures the more she is into it. Some just think it is something different or interesting because it is new and that works also. Some because it is a job to them and they just want to be the best model they can be. It is the ones that are doing it only for the modeling fee that I usually get boring images that are not working as well.

Jerome Marot

Well-known member
Well then if you insist.

I did not. I am over 50 and, for what it is worth, you can assume I have some knowledge of how a naked woman looks, even if they have been slightly older than "Sugar Holidays" in recent times. Asher being a physician and trained to recognize skin lesions would have considerably more experience, of course.

Do you know the signification of the tattoos on the model?
I do not know the meaning of the tattoos,
I gave up long ago asking models the meaning of the tattoos.
Namely because I often get disappointed with an answer of "I got that one because it looked cool"

Alex Johnson

New member
Photos look real. I mean, this is a real woman, with some kind of external imperfection. Like an ordinary living woman, not a plastic model.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I haven’t noticed skin lesions of any kind beyond tattoos which I ignore usually.

I must admit, I am far less annoyed by tattles these days and accept any as part of the package!