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  1. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    A couple for the fun of it images

    So another shot with Kerri doing the Passion outfit and then Erin in the "wood" elemental outfit with Finnious Von Uber Floof, aka Finn, who all too frequently likes photobombing my models, so we decided to put him in the shoot. This was shortly before became my most expensive cat ever needing...
  2. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    My Elemental Witch Goddess Series - Metal

    A couple shots from the series, first Kerri Taylor in full outfit and then Kerri and Erin Melancholic together. Of note, eventually Erin will be in the full outfit at some point in the project, at least that is the plan. Trivia: The cape and Skirt were put together by girlfriend, shoulders and...
  3. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    Elemental Witch Goddess of Metal - Nude version

    So this is the outfit I had intended for Kerri Taylor originally, which is the Elemental Witch Goddess of Metal. I personally think she was perfect for this outfit. This is the final nude stage of the outfit and then a related product shot with model Melancholic. The third image shows the...
  4. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    So test shoot for Passion Elemental Witch Goddess Project

    The three pictures are of Model Kerri Taylor, third time I have shot with her, been a few years. This is a set of three images for the "Passion" outfit for my Elemental Witch Goddess set. It was somewhat done, although I am not fully happy with the results of the outfit, although I think Kerri...
  5. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    Some images from my latest art project shoot

    So a mix of nudes and not so much, the primary goal was to capture a vision if you will of an air elemental Witch Goddess and then a water Elemental Witch Goddess, Over time I have a total of 12 elementals to shoot as a calendar set. The plan is to shoot each outfit with two different models...
  6. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    First shoot of model from my newest "Art Project"

    Attached should be two images from my latest model shoot, one in studio and then one at local park. There are some difference in the costumes because it is designed to have various looks so I could hopefully end up with images that met my concept for that shoot. Of the clothed ones, these two...
  7. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    Mellisa as Dryad

    So this is one of the nudes at the local park I did about a month ago. Finally getting around to posting it. The concept was inspired by a photo I remember seeing when I was much younger. Sadly I can't find the original any more, although I associate the pose with Helmut Newton, but it might...
  8. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    Melissa Dancing at Park

    I am liking this photo enough I am sharing it here as well. The shoot was mostly for me to play with my relatively new camera (Canon R5c) outdoors, I am still trying to get used to the different way it focuses than my 1DsM3. It is hugely different (as in 45 focus points versus 1024 focus points...
  9. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    NSFW And some model portfolio shots for comments

    As with my product thread these images are posted to get comments and hopefully improve my skills. With a specific note, no comments on the model herself, In this case the photographer is entirely to blame if I am not doing what is needed. The object of these shots is to market the model...
  10. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    NSFW Some Product shots to get opinions on.

    So this thread is for some of my recent (past year or so) shoots where I was taking product shots to show off the products on a model. I have learned that while some of the sales sites only allow a product by themselves for the main image, I get more sales if I show the products on or in use by...
  11. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    (NSFW) Product Shot Fashion Collar

    So this is a partial experiment in seeing if I have done the NSFW tagging correctly. While no nudity, since it is cuffs and collars this is basically a couple of "safe" image to try with for the first time. The purpose of these shots is product photography, in that I am trying to show off the...
  12. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    Some thoughts on Nudes at beach

    I attempted this once before with different pictures (same shoot) and it failed to post apparently, so I am trying again. For Trivia: Model is Stathena who is currently in San Francisco area of California, although she travels occasionally these days. Lovely and wonderful art model. Nothing...
  13. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    Riann Nova Dancing

    These Images are more about the composition, colors, and capturing the sense of motion. I happen to like these three especially because of the challenge. LED Lighting (about a decade old versions, Flolight 1024) Taken with my 3D stereo rig (Left Camera) f/8 at 1/125th ISO 1600 Which has way too...