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    NSFW And some model portfolio shots for comments

    As with my product thread these images are posted to get comments and hopefully improve my skills. With a specific note, no comments on the model herself, In this case the photographer is entirely to blame if I am not doing what is needed. The object of these shots is to market the model...
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    NSFW Some Product shots to get opinions on.

    So this thread is for some of my recent (past year or so) shoots where I was taking product shots to show off the products on a model. I have learned that while some of the sales sites only allow a product by themselves for the main image, I get more sales if I show the products on or in use by...
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    (NSFW) Product Shot Fashion Collar

    So this is a partial experiment in seeing if I have done the NSFW tagging correctly. While no nudity, since it is cuffs and collars this is basically a couple of "safe" image to try with for the first time. The purpose of these shots is product photography, in that I am trying to show off the...
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    Some thoughts on Nudes at beach

    I attempted this once before with different pictures (same shoot) and it failed to post apparently, so I am trying again. For Trivia: Model is Stathena who is currently in San Francisco area of California, although she travels occasionally these days. Lovely and wonderful art model. Nothing...
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    Riann Nova Dancing

    These Images are more about the composition, colors, and capturing the sense of motion. I happen to like these three especially because of the challenge. LED Lighting (about a decade old versions, Flolight 1024) Taken with my 3D stereo rig (Left Camera) f/8 at 1/125th ISO 1600 Which has way too...