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NSFW Some Product shots to get opinions on.

So this thread is for some of my recent (past year or so) shoots where I was taking product shots to show off the products on a model. I have learned that while some of the sales sites only allow a product by themselves for the main image, I get more sales if I show the products on or in use by a person. I am taking the pictures for a company called Pleasure Paradox. We make mostly leather fetish, gothic or the occasional theatrical (read as both Burlesque and actual stage theater) communities.

The number one selling item is ball gags. I have been asked to point out that while some find them to be not cool, the people that are buying them are doing so for one of several reasons including to spice up the marriage, reduce the sound level (because kids or neighbors) It will only reduce it, won't make it go away; And finally because by cutting off the ability to verbalize, it enhances the other senses making certain activities more pleasurable.

But I also do cuffs and collar, some of which are for fashion use more than anything else (especially the goth community), but almost all I make are also functional.

The purpose of posting is to get comments, so as to hopefully improve the quality of my product images taken with models. Quality in this case is simply defined as get more sales in the end.
But I also like an artistic look, so I may have to compromise between get more sales and art. This is where comments may help in keeping both together.

You may comment on a model's pose or facial expressions in context of selling the product, but not on their looks.
Also for my product shots, with very rare exceptions I do not edit the products, although I may do some editing on the model. Products get corrections (exposure, contrast, color correction, cropping and maybe sharpening if resized only); editing to me is removing blemishes and other related corrections that change the actual information content of the image.

As for comments on the photographer, compositions, and his editing, I am fair game.

The first set is from a Dec 2020 shoot with a model called "Sugar Holiday"

First image is for a loop and ring collar

Second is covering multiple items (wrist cuffs, ball gag with PVC rubber strap (non-leather option), and then a draped chain bra. The last I also have a clothed shot, because FB and Etsy, but for some of the sites I advertise on, the topless shot will get customers to pay more attention.

The third is aimed primarily to advertise the ball gag, but secondarily the collar (a threaded loop collar)

The last was aimed at the Green ball gag and specifically the Jade green colored leather strap, but secondarily the collar (a braided halter square collar). Of note on this one, while I have not used this one for advertising yet, it has been used as an example of the Jade green color for use with other products.

Once again my object is to sell the products, NOT the model.

Thanks for playing.


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