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Art video work "Black hole" for the upcoming photo & video exhibition "On the rocks"

romain claris

pro member
I am happy to share the poster of my latest art video work "Black hole" (5 min 50 sec) a short film made for the upcoming photography & video exhibition "On the rocks" that I shot with the photographer @nicolas claris !
The trailer is here : https://romainclarisfilm.com/hole_of_light_uk.php
The short has been awarded two days ago "Best experimental Art Film" at the "Pure Magic International Film Festival" in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and did get this morning a "Special Mention" from Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival.
As film is half image / half sound: About the soundtrack: Sound has been designed by Andrew Santaguida, Matt Russo, and Dan Tamayo. They translate the rhythm and harmony of the cosmos into music and sound. Since 2020 they have been producing regular sonifications for the NASA.
I was so proud to continue the art work and exhibitions for more than 10 years now with Nicolas Claris, that I will keep you posted about that project,
Romain Claris


  • Black_Hole.jpg
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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
This is a monumental and ambitious project. It’s an important esthetic pathway to interesting us in the mystery, vastness and magic of thr cosmos.

I would love to hear the description of thr creative process in getting together as a team and sharing vision and skills to pull of this fine collaboration.

Do we get a link to the entire video?

Thanks Romain and Nicolas and your collaborators!


romain claris

pro member
Dear Asher,
thanks for your words,
as the short film is being submitted to various international film festivals and will be showcased soon in an art gallery, i can't share it today unfortunately, but I will with great pleasure when its "career" will be done
About the process with Nicolas, we had in mind for months (or year?) to work around the material of ice. Many researches to learn for example that the ice will not be the same if you froze it with hot or colas water! As we do like challenge we made the biggest ice cube - 40 cm large - 20 high - 30 depth that we could do. And set up our studio with lights. We were like kids discovering the details, the movements of the air and bubbles. We played with black or white wall being the rock that change the atmosphere. We were together but we shot one after the other, with around 10 sets, we helped each other to play with the lights on the ice. It was fun ! In post-production I allowed me to color grading the shots for the meaning I wished. We will all go through a Black Hole soon, so the short is divided in 5 sequences: wait, approach, in/out, radial, leave. What i like doing art film is that you are playing with experimental genre which rules is normally: no narration and the suggestion you offer to the spectator, the narration to be included in the experience.
Thanks for all the support,
Here are 4 screen shot I can share that goes with the material for festival submissions :)


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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The last picture I question.

Did you mean it to be that bright as the center has no detail.