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Awards and Honors in the past year for OPF Photographers

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
We are aware of some OPFers doing particularly well. Over the past year it came to my attention that a number of our members were recognized for their work. Let me know if you yourself or anyone else here are featured or awarded a place in a competition or featured in some speical way.

Rainer Viertlböck has had a very good 2007! He was one of the eight nominees for International Photographer of the Year.

Nominee 2007 Lucie Awards see here

The International Photography Awards 2007: Architecture: Interiors

3rd place - Highlight Towers Munich_Rainer Viertlböck, Gauting, Germany

and then to cap it all he was awarded IPA's "Professional Photographer of the Year: Special - Rainer Viertlböck"

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bankok: Rainer Viertlböck, Gauting, Germany
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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Recognition of honors and achievement

Tony Bonanno was featured in Rangefinder Magazine "Hooves and Dust" covering some of the very photographs that were shown in OPF. Tony Bonanno has impressed me from the first time I saw his pictures.

© Tony Bonanno

"Hooves and Dust" as soon a it appeared affected me as iconic of the American West. Incdentally, Tony has been a generous in sharing experience on the Canon pigment printers as he was one of the earliest adopters.

Karl Esser was Published in Magnachrome
Benjamin Kanarek Was a star photographer for Pentax showing the capability of the new Pentax K10D, now superceded by the K20D.

Credit © Benjamin Kanarek

He took exception to a major reviewer's opinion of the new Pentax DSLR here and became an instant Pentax champion! I hope Benjamin you are rewarded by seeing new success and maybe support from the angels themselves!

Steve Eastwood here Named already a featured Canon Photographer, “Explorer of Light” is now also “Printmaster” for Canon. Those massive prints at the Canon shows were his!

Click for larger image Credit- © Stephen Eastwood

Now we are so pleased that Nicolas Claris is featured Sinar Photographer for 2008. The story is announced here . The entire article will be online shortly!

This last achievement is particularly important to OPF since benefits will be availalbe to all of us. We'll regularly be updated with experience on this exciting Sinar Hy6 camera platform used in professional shoots. This is not just a weekend test. The ability to use a system of camera back and lenses in challenging situations is where one learns the most. Then taking these images to be printed for exhibits or in CMYK for books comes the real proof of quality. This is what Nicolas will be doing for us.
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