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Bike Trek from Toronto to Niagara Falls


New member
Shot these on my bike trek with Canon T50 using Fuji Superia Xtra 400:




It's just a point and shoot but it's light and does a decent enough job!
More photos can be seen here.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The pictures are wonderful. But I was proud of you going there but not the return journey!

Tip #1 Although you are not immortal you need those knees for another 50 years at least. At this rate you will destroy the cartilages and have arthritis. When your knees are swollen, take the bloody train back.

Tip # 2 reread tip # 1

Routing for you. Rest those knees and take Ibuprofrin with milk as directed by your MD and rest up!

That sort of heroism should be to rescue a maiden or destroying an enemy machine gun and mortar position pinning down your buddies! I have only been that brave a scant few times but it was required to rescue people and I was young and foolish!