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Black and White Wall Features - Covid-19 distancing with long lens

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
“Necessity is the mother of invention”, Robert!

More B&W allows one a different way of b
Viewing. I love that.

This is a great opportunity to explore the works in a totally different fashion.

I got down on my knees yesterday and spent a while trying to focus on a 2mm fly on a short dandelion that was so low in the lawn that the lawnmower can’t catch it!

How’s your family beating up?



Robert Watcher

Well-known member
We haven’t seen our family or anyone (other than Anne’s sister-in-law - through glass window - who brings our meals and shops for us) except online. Everyone is in self-isolation and we can’t be together in groups larger that 5 people in Ontario anyway. Everyone is healthy so far.

Anne and I don’t have a home in Canada or a car, so are very grateful for the support of our family. Fortunately the owner of the home we rented in El Salvador, purchased all our furniture. So that wasn’t a loss for us. We could have stayed in El Salvador and ride it out - and did consider that —- but decided to be available to our Canadian health care system if required.