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Canon G9 announced

Paul Bestwick

pro member
wow Clayton... that is great. I have been considering purchasing a compact camera for a while. Your photo is more reason for me to put the G9 at the top of the list.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
My G9 has found me in Morocco, but I have not found time to learn much about it. [/IMG]
You look serious in the picture! what were you thinking about!

I'm surpised at the detail, but it's at f4. Even then, those pixels do a great job on your fur. Is that from a RAW image or cameras sRGB jpg?


Clayton Lofgren

New member
I still hadn't found the second step for Raw+jpeg, so my first shots were all jpegs. I now have some raw files, but have not figured out how to do anything with them with the Canon program. In a few days I will be home and get them in PS. Think I am going to like the camera, although I am still a bit awkward with it.

Clayton Lofgren

New member

After a bit more time with the G9, I find the iso 800 better than I had expected. The IS works pretty well sometimes, but is not as consistent as my old KM5D. I expect that is just that the heavier camera is more stable. I had hoped for a bit more DR with the raw files. It is very easy to chop highlights(clip is too kind). Nothing artistic here- just a snap at a ball game. 1/25 at iso 800.