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COVID Photo Series


New member
A project I been working on from March to June can be seen on my website: http://choidavid.com/

It's called "Luxuries in Limbo" with the double meaning of our luxuries stuck in limbo or there are luxuries to be found in limbo.
They were majorly shot in Bella Coola, Vancouver, and Toronto with my friends and family as main subjects shot from a distance outside their homes.
Scenes around the city while I biked to and from these social distance shoots were also included in the edit as I came across many bizarre spectacles.

Hope you enjoy it.

nicolas claris

OPF Co-founder/Administrator
On Mac with the latest Safari and Chrome browsers the slideshow has a very weird behavior… It's impossible to control next/before or stop to watch the photos…
I see that your website is built with Wordpress, what plugin do you use to build your slideshows? Is it Slider Revolution Plugin?
I hope I'm the only one!
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