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From the past...

Paul Iddon

You'll see most (virtually all) of my photos in the macro forum, but I needed to do a photo with the theme "From the past" so I cobbled this still life together....

They were all found at my late mother-in-laws house and date back to various ages from the past:


Brass vintage soap dish (maybe) age unknown
A Darnley's rotatable Lightning Calculator circa 1921
A vintage Zenith Sveglietta clock circa 1950
Vintage miniature brass candleholders circa 1960
2x miniature brass candesticks circa unknown but maybe Victorian
Ladies English Opera Binoculars with original leather case circa 1930

Probably not worth a huge amount but I'm no expert.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Wow! This is well done! Good lighting and well composed as well as fascinating elements that hold one’s interest.

I hope others add to this thread their own still life studies!