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paul iddon

  1. Paul Iddon

    A little mix

    Look under stones and even around the garden bins, and you can find plenty of interesting insect life... I think an Eupodidae (one of the Trombidiformes) starts us off, but not the best photo sadly, because it wouldn't stay still and was barely the size of a pin head... Spiders (Amaurobius...
  2. Paul Iddon

    Dicyrtomina saundersi

    Dicyrtomina saundersi - on the recycling bin lid tonight - very cold and damp in the garden, but nice to find a globular springtail - I've seen too few so far recently... About 2mm in size. Paul.
  3. Paul Iddon

    Moist fly

    So I spotted this fly on the fence - first shot was just a look-see, and then I tried to get a bit more interest out of it. Not sure if the last one worked out well enough - I had nudged the flash out of position trying to get close and the light wasn't quite right, but I've included it anyway...
  4. Paul Iddon

    January caterpillar

    Found this walking across the path at the front of my house today. There is only mosses there, so not on a food plant. I assume it has somehow been disturbed. It is an Angle shades caterpillar, which can be egg, larva, pupa and Imago throughout the year. Paul.
  5. Paul Iddon

    Its chucking it down, but still...

    Today, spotted this Camera-wetticus flashsoaked-ii globby on the fence 😅 It was (is still) bucketing down and I couldn't manage any better than these in the conditions... It’s Dicyrtomina saundersi... Paul.
  6. Paul Iddon

    Xmas week insects

    There are still some Christmas Week spiders (and ladybirds & flies) still out and about as midnight approaches.... Here they are on the garden fence.... Paul.
  7. Paul Iddon

    Green Shield Bug (10 images!)

    A green shield bug (Palomena prasina) somehow made it's way into the hallway of our house today. It's already brown, ready for hibernation. Before placing it safely in a warm corner of the outhouse to find it's own place to enter the diapause phase, I took the opportunity to let it pose on a...
  8. Paul Iddon

    Late December fly

    Didn't expect to see a fly on the garden fence tonight, but there it was. Not sure why it's head and antennae seems so "textured" - maybe it's the cold and damp that has had some affect... Paul.
  9. Paul Iddon

    Dead of night in the garden in winter...

    Midnight, 3°c but feels like -3°c but there are still spiders and other insects to see in the garden. Paul.
  10. Paul Iddon

    Cold and Icy

    I awoke to some whiteness in the garden this morning - and despite the cold, ventured out into the garden to see if I could get anything of note. I lasted around 10 minutes but before heading back indoors. Then after my first edits, 40 minutes later I went to revisit the berry I had found, but...
  11. Paul Iddon

    The mystery in the night

    It's the mystery of the night which can yield a good photo - and here are 3 OK pictures of a tachnid (?) fly, a barkfly and an ant - but it's when you get the photo that really pleases - like the fourth in this set of a hoverfly larva finishing of the remains of an aphid meal... Paul.
  12. Asher Kelman

    Late wasp

    Yes, you are spot on! The last inage definitely will enhance our “Yellow” collection too! It’s beautiful! Asher
  13. Paul Iddon

    In pursuit of a ladybird...

    Sometimes I go to silly lengths, lol... Paul.
  14. Paul Iddon

    I spy... With my hairy eye...

    Something beginning with FLY... :LOL: Paul.
  15. Paul Iddon

    Dinner for the Leiobunum blackwalli...

    Harvestmen are good eaters, and this male has got a lot to eat! The male has a red-brown, round body with a white ring around the eyes. L. blackwalli has been recorded feeding on a wide range of invertebrates including bugs, lepidoptera, diptera, millipedes, other harvestmen, earthworms and...
  16. Paul Iddon

    Need warmth...

    I'm still looking for a place to keep warm this winter.... Paul.
  17. Paul Iddon

    False widow spider and wet wings...

    I am delighted to say I have tonight counted 8 (eight!) different Steatoda bipunctata on the fence panels tonight - I assume all from the same parent & her clutch of eggs which I found earlier this year. Here too are a couple of rather wet subjects - the night time dew and rain on them is...
  18. Paul Iddon

    Taking off

    Ladybirds are so difficult, but this little lady gave me a few repeat performances! I couldn't decide which I looked best - so they are here in a sequence of 3, and then 2 and 2 and 2 more. Paul.
  19. Paul Iddon

    Night pics

    11pm... Paul.
  20. Paul Iddon

    You put just one foot wrong...

    You put just one foot wrong... Amaurobius sp. versus the Opilione... and there is only one winner... Paul.