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Image management software.

Derick Miller

New member
Also, in any case, isn’t it still likely that Capture One would be split off as a separate and viable company?

Exactly so. In fact, Capture One and Phase have already been split off. So your prediction was correct! :)

Probably this thinking is also why C1 cut a deal and took money from Fuji to support GFX and provide a free stripped down Fuji version.

They also did a similar deal with Nikon and Sony. And the free software looses few sales (those of already using C1 are pretty unlikely to drop features and downgrade to the free version—session mode and tethering alone, not to mention advanced color options and layers). And it gains a lot of *new* customers who try it and upgrade for the full feature set. And C1 gets money from Fuji, Nikon and Sony. And this motivates others to cut similar deals

C1 Heritage software is an integral and expensive part of the museum, etc solution.

The interesting question is, do C1 open up support for Fuji GFX in their Heritage software.

Answer yes and open the door to Fuji, but get the business from those who select Fuji.

Answer no and open the door to a competitor building an alternative solution, supporting Fuji and perhaps even Phase One cameras. Once the third party solution exists, the C1 business stands to lose business.

Or sell C1 Heritage software to Fuji customers and at a discount or free with Phase equipment purchase or rental. Or charge Fuji more to be included in the Heritage software. Or...

This is a very interesting strategic question.

The full spectrum GFX signals Fuji is after this business, as do many of their official statements.
With 50% more imaging area on the sensor, Phase is still the “better” solution in this context, although the 400 pixel IBIS solution might nullify this advantage. Preservation is one of the few contexts in which this feature is ideal. Even a gentle breeze is a problem for this feature, but a museum is an ideal place for it.

The other areas of the business (arial, industrial) are not such good applications for Fuji’s 400 MP multi-shot solution. Some of those applications will favor the larger sensor. Some will favor the presence of IBIS.

If I were C1, I think I know which road I would choose, but there are good arguments for other choices.

If I were Phase, I would start by putting a lot of effort into determining if there is a viable IBIS solution for the even bigger sensor. Or even exploring paying Fuji for a solution if Fuji was willing to play.

Derick Miller
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