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Impressive Video Editing on iPad

Robert Watcher

Active member
Video Editing

I have been using LumaFusion for sometime now, and find it’s functionality and usefulness to be quite amazing. I am using it on my iPad Air. I’m sure it would handle many tracks more easily on a higher spec’d iPad Pro - but this is what I have. I really wasn’t expecting that I could scrub tracks and be so precise on the time frame —- using my fingers. But it is effortless. Will even handle 4K video. And only $19.95

This is the guy (HENNY THA BIZNESS) on YouTube that convinced me to check it out last summer.

I don’t make any claims about my video abilities - but this was the first video I put together with LumaFusion using a bunch of handheld short clips that I took around the park in Xela, Guatemala last year:

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Thanks for sharing.

I will look at your clip and the introduction video. It must be that programmers are becoming space conscious and more careful to avoid software bloat.

Amazing that you can do so much on an pad