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In Perspective, Planet: Litter Bins for City Centers

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Let me surprise you with a picture by Robert Watcher today:


Robert Watcher: Litter Bins
Street in San Salvador

Robert Watcher chose an excellent starting point for his intriguing series street photography series in San Salvador. I have borrowed his first picture to illustrate an important environmental issue.

Litter bins are so essential to make living in a society pleasant. Without them, rats would spread the plague, yersinia pestis! They not only hide garbage from vermin, potentially allow for composting and recycling.

It so happens that I have been tasked with designing a new architectural form for a city near me! They need 1000! They selected the following design from 6 I submitted. It has a built in gravity lock to stop wild animals opening the lid!


I took an existing top and made the barrel portion rectilinear!

Now my version has to be able to be grabbed by a side loading City Garbage Removal Truck! So stone as in San Salvador is not an option. My design will be a plastic or steel!

Unusual for a photography forum, but these are essential to maintaining the health of the community.

I do like the independant ideas of the San Salvador designers. These are the most handsome I have seen anywhere!