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Magatas river

James Yu

New member
The mountain that fell in feb 2006 that cover the brgy guinsaugon, southern leyte




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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Just to place things in perspective:


leytelandslide-rehab.blogspot.com: Man Pointing

"In the morning of February 17, 2006, a massive landslide covered the village of Guinsaugon, St. Bernard, Southern Leyte, Philippines. Families were lost and many were left with just a few surviving members, while vast farmlands were destroyed. Twelve other communities are also threatened because fault lines are traversing in their areas. The Southern Leyte Rehabilitation Program is a long-term development initiative to ensure that a bright future is still possible for the people of St. Bernard." Source.

So, tell us what changed in the Magatas river? Were you there, then when the disaster occurred?

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James Yu

New member

yes, im been there but wasnt able to help because i have work. i just donate food, dress, water. il visit the site on weekends. try to take pics.

Phil Marion

New member
Very nice photos. the composition is pleasing to the eyes. I like the use of the tripod to ensure a blurred water as well as good depth of field (focus).
My sole concern is with the last photo. It looks like too much 'clarity' or local contrast on the trees/sky was used for my taste.