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Making a Large Photography Box

I am making a large photography box 39” by 35” by 23”…. I will be using this box to help with the taking of pictures of my flutes and woodturning bowls etc. All this is new. I know nothing about what lights to use , or how large to make the openings in the sides and top…. For the time being I will have to use my phone camera…My wife actually takes good pics with hers… Thanks in advance for any help you can give!!

Hmmmm I think I’ll repurpose this box.. Some shelves and a door should make it a nice shop cabinet!!!
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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
There are very inexpensive white cloth tents for this purpose from Adorama.com and BHPhotovideo.com both amazing stores.

Add lights to the outside and enjoy!