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Nepal, heaven in the clouds. Nepal the places I've seen!

fahim mohammed

Well-known member

The platform is stacked with wood and the deceased's body is placed over the wood. More wood is placed
over the body. Straw is also placed. Final respects are paid


A close male family relative is the first one to get the fire burning. I am told that the first flame is placed near the mouth:


After the fire has consumed the body:


The ashes are pushed into the river, and the platform washed and prepared anew:


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
If it's possible, at some time, Fahim, might you be able to fix the early links of this special thread? I hate to see beauty vanish!


fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Crematorium #1

As I am unable to edit the original posts, please consider these as fillers. Quick search, no particular time on pp.





fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Hi, Fahim,

Stunning images.

I am fascinated by the sign. Does this have to do with harvesting of corneas from the dead?

Best regards,


Hi Doug...

I remember vividly positioning myself so as to give this sign prominence for OPF viewers!!!

I got vague, embarrassed , answers when I asked the same question. Pointing to my eyes, I might add!

Stay well.

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
This is a pictoria documentation of my visit to the open air crematorium for the deceased of the Hindu sect. This is located in Kathmandu.

The funeral pyres are located adjacent to the biggest Hindu temple in Nepal. One has to walk a short distance to reach the temple and the funeral site.

Out of the car and you are accosted to buy some offerings for the temple.. my driver Jai is a Hindu and
bought some items in a basket which has to returned on leaving the entrance

There are many stalls and numerous items of religious significance on sale for the devoted and I might
add as soveniers for tourists.


The entrance to the main temple one is confronted once agin with small stalls selling the various stuff ( most of religious significance for use in the temple or the funeral pyres ).

I did not enter the temple but turned right at the temple entrance towards the funeral site.


As one enters the crematorium, one sees the funeral pyres on the right and the preparation area on the
left. A thick smoke covers the entire area. I am told the crematorium operates 24x7.


Overcome with grief, a woman is helped by her relative...


pp is hurried and minimal. apologies.