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NSFW Nude Woman Marches to Police in Riot Gear

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
A young woman totally naked but for a Covid mask and head beanie, marched confidentially and calmly towards the militarized armed for in Portland Oregon that had been abusing protestors for days.


Sheshowed no fear. The police fired various anti crowd dwvicesctowards he feet but she didn’t flinch and stared them out. A man with a make shift shield tried protect her but she side stepped him. She wanted direct confrontation and pointed her empty hand to them in a stared down. Then she sat down and did various mallet and yoga poisons and poses.

Opening her legs wide was he final move and they backed off and scooted away in their cars! It turns out that protesting Nude in Portland Oregon is a “Protected Free Speech” Right!

To me she is a damned brave heroine!

She just vanished into the crowds and no one knows her identity!