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Photography of Boring Products

Robert Watcher

Well-known member
I haven’t done any studio type product photography for clients, in 25 years since I had my Main Street Photo Studio. But the pandemic has caused me to recognize the potential of making a little income if products are small, and can be shipped to my home.

I would love to be creative by only accepting products that I could really make sizzle, but a client is a client. The budget is only a few hundred dollars, and so I can only spend so much time on the shoot - and with the content, I have just kept it simple - making sure the package is lit well and text is sharp (used my Olympus 35mm macro lens). FedEx showed up at my door with a package containing 3 plastic plastic kits of each chemical product that this company sells. As well as 5 plastic spray bottles with their label on it, and a large yellow plastic moulded container that they sell for mixing 2 gallon quantities.

Anne and I are staying in a very small 3 room apartment, until it is safe to travel down south again. And so I made use of Anne’s computer desk in the corner of our bedroom this morning. The foam core, coloured papers, clamps and tape I grabbed at the local dollar store. We have two LED bedroom lights that have controllable colour temperature, that I used to light the setup. Anne thought it was funny and took a couple shots of my setup.




this pic shows how small and rather insignificant the product is in hand


This is one of current photos from the e-Commerce Shop, that they are having me replace

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
You are very adaptable. The company is so fortunate. How on earth did they find you?

It’s an honorable $ earned. My respect!


Robert Watcher

Well-known member
You are very adaptable. The company is so fortunate. How on earth did they find you?

It’s an honorable $ earned. My respect!

thank you Asher.

Actually fortunate for me that I have connections. This company has hosted their website on my servers for several years. They did a rebranding at the start of 2019, and hired a web design company to handle their marketing and adapt their dated website.

They hated the results and asked me to redo their website a few months ago (https://freshstart.pro/) as well as to build them another website for a new product they are introducing to Canada (https://nstaglove.ca/). Not knowing that I am a photographer, they asked if I knew anyone to reshoot their product with the new labeling to go along with the new fresh website design. And guess what —— I did. LOL

Maggie Terlecki

Well-known member
Congrats on the job, Robert. Nice equal lighting that shows off their product well. It's incredible they didn't know that you were a photographer; perhaps now they might even have more work for you. Pleased for you! :) Maggie