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Since a few years I've been taking pictures of tulips and posting them here, but at the end of last year, the cost of my website kept creeping higher and higher and
I finally let it go. It did have consequences though and all the images I had posted here were hosted on said website which left all the links sadly broken. Asher, in his
kindness has offered me the opportunity to re-post these images here as a retrospective. There are many of them, as so many please me, but believe me when I tell
you, I have many more:

Tulips are my favorite flower for its simplicity, its elegance and its beautiful character.



Spring is Calling

Whisper in the Morning

White Tulip and the Green Apple

Gift From Above




Spring in the Air


Tulips in a teapot


Tulipa and her Lovers


More to come​
A Different Kind of Beauty

Tulips are incredibly beautiful and come in so many fabulous colors that oftentimes we are struck by that intensity that we miss the emotion that may be attached to these
simple, elegant and beautiful flowers.
They live for short amounts of time but in that time they change drastically. It happens before your eyes; the morning flower is not that which you will find at night.
They always seem to be searching, their stems bending and adapting to their new situations.

I search for the story I want to tell. Is it the boldness and the strength or the expression of sorrow and loss. The lack of color enables me to more easily bring these
emotions to my viewers eyes. See the delight I see when spring arrives and I am enthralled or experience my broken heart with the loss of a loved one.

Black and white enables me to show simply without distraction of color, that which moves me.

The Secret


Dancing Nymphs


Mourning Tulips


Spring in Black and White


Shapes of Spring


Elegant Bow


They are Magical.

When nothing seems inspiring, they are. When I have no ideas, they plant many seeds in my head. They are wonderfully simple yet they are my best muse.
When I feel my tank is empty they fill it up.



Casual Morning


Mutual Curiosity


Triple Joy


Sweep Me


Be-Still my Heart


Love is in the Air


As She Whispers


Still a few more to come​
And a few more because I have a hard time leaving them behind.

End of Day


Light Swept


Searching for a Dutch Master


He Said, She Said


The Invitation


I could go on and on, but I think these are my favorites and I hope you enjoy them all.

Andy brown

Well-known member
Oh Maggie, where have you been?
These are an absolute feast for the senses.
Absolutely stunning every one of them.
I feel like such a klutz when I see the brilliance of your images.
Nice to be humbled I guess.

Jerome Marot

Well-known member
All these pictures are very nice. It is a pity you had to part with your web sites. The addresses are still in your signature.
Oh Maggie, where have you been?
These are an absolute feast for the senses.
Absolutely stunning every one of them.
I feel like such a klutz when I see the brilliance of your images.
Nice to be humbled I guess.
Andy, You shouldn't feel that way. Your images are fabulous, we just shoot different things. I live where there is not much, and at the moment, much cold and snow. You'd hate it. ha! Thank you for your kind words; much appreciated!
Oh Wolfgang, we are like twin souls that have fallen for the same thing. You also take such beautiful photographs that are a pleasure to my eyes! :) Maggie

Peter Dexter

Well-known member
Maggie so many beautiful rendered images. There is that one where the tulips are all talking at the same time to the pear.
thank you Peter. I know my images are not everyone's cup of tea and not very edgy, but they reflect who I am very well and I like doing them. Always fun when people find them
fun and appreciate what I do. :) Maggie

Robert Watcher

Well-known member
All of your flower images including these of tulips, are a visual pleasure to my eye. Soft and delicate and always tell a story. I have always respected your abilities.
That is very kind of you Robert. as I also respect your abilities so well and you share incredible stories with your images. Thank you again. :) Maggie

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I am so thrilled to see this magnificent collection of flowers, especially the way they pose for you as people with feelings!

This is an emotional complement to the real people, birds and the varied works of our other contributors.

Thanks so much, Asher. I know that usually when I read your comments you praise photographers for the taking away of the sentimentality of images, but appreciate that you like these. I find it hard to be someone I am not. I have tried
and that work always ends up unsatisfactory to me and ergo just unsatisfactory. For some reason, I always feel like I have to defend the type of images I take here, simply because there are so many very good
and interesting photographers here that do works that are considered important. I'm therefore glad to know there are those that respect what I do. :) Maggie