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  1. M

    A simple tulip and perhaps more to come

    Anyone that knows anything about me, know I love flowers, especially tulips, which are so simple yet so elegant. Living in a small town, during a pandemic, tulips have been difficult to come by, so last fall, I planted some in my yard so I would certainly have some this spring. Things don't...
  2. James Lemon

    Natural Light

  3. James Lemon

    No Weeds

  4. James Lemon


  5. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Using a rare video camera mirror lens...

    Canon CL f4/250mm on Panasonic GH4
  6. M

    Retrospective of my tulips.

    Since a few years I've been taking pictures of tulips and posting them here, but at the end of last year, the cost of my website kept creeping higher and higher and I finally let it go. It did have consequences though and all the images I had posted here were hosted on said website which left...
  7. Asher Kelman


    Asher Kelman: Tulips in Prison Tulips are coming out! I love both Wolfgang Plattner’s and Maggie Terlecki’s flowers as the stems lean over graciously. Asher Kelman: “Tulips to Show Roots” These are in a special glass container to show off the roots too and the plants are constrained and...
  8. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Fierce tulips

  9. M

    My World: Tulips Encore - Still Life

    Until a week ago, it was still winter here, but finally a few tulips have poked through brave heads out of the ground and have given us hope of spring. Unfortunately, they are announcing a bit of snow for tonight, but I went out and brought one tulip in and took some images in the warmth and...