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Just for Fun No C&C will be given: San Diego City College Photography Course - NEW YORK CITY - Summer 2009

alexis diller

New member
Hey Foto Dorks, Travelers, etc!

San Diego City College have a travel-photography course going to NYC this summer 2009! We have a facebook group:

Eurofoto/Cityfoto San Diego City College and A SITE http://eurofoto.info/

for news/updates/applications/etc. DATES ARE JUNE 3-10 so check it out soon if you're interested!

FYI: There is extensive information regarding the trip so definitely peruse the site if you're interested! A lot of people ask this question below (which is on the eurofoto.info site) so I'm just throwing it out there again! Hope to see you in NYC!!!

Who can enroll in CityFoto / EuroFoto? This tour was designed with the 'serious' photographer in mind, but we certainly encourage anyone interested to consider joining us. In past years, we've enjoyed groups comprised of beginning and advanced photo students, retired people / amateur photographers, professional photographers, mother-and-daughters, couples, art and film majors, foreign language majors, and even point-n-shooters who simply liked our itinerary and wanted to hang-out with a group of photographers. Read more... or send an email to ask questions.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I have studied this and it seems to be an excellent opportunity to get the needed skills in photography including, if you wish ability to use film to your most creative advantage. Although I can't offer any guarantee, this course seems a lot of fun and worthy of your attention.

If you go, let me know!