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Shadows on the wall; dramatic, pastoral to abstract!

Nicolas Claris

or colored!

Baccarat (and Ercuis & Raynaud) stuffs shot some years ago…
More here[/QUOTE]

Maybe one does not consider this as a shadow…
One can see on this image that the opaque objects generate a grey shadow (not colored), then we can consider that a shadow is the absence of light…
But then what about the partly colored "shadow"generated by semi transparent objects (such as a colored glass) is it a shadow or a projection?
Physic laws may certainly explain that, but what about your own feeling?

Andy brown

Active member
For the first picture I do not know which kind of animal did the job.

Perhaps a crab, yes. May be not. I do not know.

But the second track is the way made by a paguru early morning, low tide.

Photographed in Havelock Island, Andaman, India - Radhanagar beach.

Here work done by crabs. Small and speedy !

Antonio, today I came across our Aussie version of the crab, the soldier crab. They don't make art, just a sloppy mess of sand balls, so bad I couldn't find a single example to photograph.
The crabs themselves, beautiful. I spent a good hour getting to know them.


Antonio Correia

Well-known member
A little different from these little fellows there.

This one was photographed early morning and as I was approaching he run away until I was so close he opened it's tweezers. I made no harm and went away. :)


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Asher Kelman: Evening Goodbye

Canon 6D 24-105mm f4.0

Topaz Impression: Chiarascuro

Comments welcome and then add your own favs!


Michael Nagel

Active member
Fabulous place to relax and have a great beer! Is it normal to allow only those over16 to see inside a place that serves alcohol?

it is a little more complex. Families with kids can go anywhere except places indicate a minimum age for various reasons.
For viewing the website of the brewery the same minimum age as for drinking beer is demanded - 16 years.

Best regards

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
My neighbor's house was repaired prior to sale.

Asher Kelman: Fixer Up
Beverly Hills, California
Topaz Black and White Effects - Selenium

The house sold!

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