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Small globular springtail

Paul Iddon

OK, take a look at your keyboard - the one on your desk...

See the "del" key on the numeric pad, and on that key is the dot or full stop?

Got that in your mind?


This globular springtail is smaller than that dot. These 2 were taken on the LAOWA 60mm 2:1 lens at close to full magnification, and then the images were cropped in post processing. The first one is not bang on the money, but close enough considering the size of the insect and given that it's after 11pm at night and very dark and it's always moving! The 2nd one is better, as it changed direction and is coming towards the camera and I just about got the eyes in focus.

I'm fairly sure this is Bourletiellidae sp. - a common springtail that can grow quite a bit bigger (maybe 5mm in size) so this suggests that mine here is very young.