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Soft case or pouch for GX100 + CV 35?

Chris Kresser

New member
I just received my GX100 + CV 35 yesterday and I'm already in love with the combination.

I'm wondering what others using the GX100 with CV viewfinders use to protect it before throwing it into a case or bag. I thought one of the soft cases for an old pair of sunglasses I had would work, but turns out the GX100 won't fit. Then there's the question of whether to store it with the VF attached, or in its separate bag. Certainly would be faster just to pull it out with the VF already on; but I'm concerned that it would be damaged that way unless I have something to cover both the camera and VF.

I'd love to hear what works for you.


Sean Reid

A little pouch with a soft lining should be fine - just a fabric bag. That way it will have as little bulk as possible.