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Sold the Sigma SD15, got a Lumix DMC-G1 converted instead

Greetings All,

Was shooting mainly full-spectrum with the SD15 but had too many cameras and needed some money - so got the almost worthless G1 converted to "full-spectrum". It was good to be able to select extreme Custom "white balances" and the magnified live-view manual focusing even with a 720nm on the lens is a godsend.

Still playing but I still prefer faux color to the traditional monochrome IR presentation.

Here's an early shot of our street with Incandescent WB, IIRC:

I played with Contrast-Limited Adaptive Histogram Enhancement in ImageJ:


Also tried Retinex processing but it's a bit fierce:


Then off to the GIMP and 'Alien Map' - such fun:

Street-N-G1-720nm-Alien Map-HS.jpg

As can be seen, my preferences are less than subtle but my view is that IR should be dramatic.

Currently playing with an 850nm on the lens ...


Life Pixel, Asher:

I received the 850nm but find it to lack capture contrast. Then I tried a red filter and it was better - so now I'm going to try a Kolari 665nm.

I'm still into faux color so not trying for a specific look ...