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  1. Evgeniya Korneeva

    Dangerous conspiracy among a group of peppers.

    When I saw them, I thought - Hmm, they’re probably plotting something.. Then I took a photo in Infrared, and my suspicions were confirmed. Filter RG720, Nikon D7100.
  2. Evgeniya Korneeva

    Several shining 'bulbs'.

    "Several light bulbs." This is a photo of acorns. I took this photo using a Nikon D7100, converted full-spectrum camera. The filter on the lens is Schott RG715. For lighting - I used several different LEDs, that hung around. Photo taken in the infrared, in total darkness. So, I wanted to get a...
  3. J

    Secret Light of Flowers

    Mounting a Sony A7R to a 4x5 view camera and using old portrait lenses ( thank you Jim Galli) dating from 1890 to 1920, I started a series of IR still life’s of a variety of flowers.