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  1. Chris Calohan

    Light Dancing

    Nikon D500, 17-35mm @f/8, 10 sec, Hoya 720 nano IR filter, ISO 200
  2. Chris Calohan

    To Everything, There is a Season...

  3. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    A surprising find....

    Now this is a really, really rare lens: ZIKAR-1A, from the russian space defence program, to detect fired rockets aiming at the (then) USSR from about 45.000 km away, mounted at some camera system from a satellite in orbit around earth. It is a catadioptric system with two Beryllium mirrors...
  4. T

    Sold the Sigma SD15, got a Lumix DMC-G1 converted instead

    Greetings All, Was shooting mainly full-spectrum with the SD15 but had too many cameras and needed some money - so got the almost worthless G1 converted to "full-spectrum". It was good to be able to select extreme Custom "white balances" and the magnified live-view manual focusing even with a...
  5. T

    Old Cottonwood

    Features in a long-familiar landscape can almost assume a personality with the passage of years. Given enough time a sense of intimacy can arise with a fence post, a boulder, or any old object along the trail. Such is the case with this old cottonwood in a nearby prairie remnant. Every passing...
  6. Dr Klaus Schmitt

    Harvest Full Moon over Castle

  7. Chris Calohan

    Old Guard Revisited for Distortion Control

  8. Chris Calohan

    Frances Victoria Leonard

  9. Chris Calohan


  10. Chris Calohan

    Rework, Bright Sunshiny Day

  11. Chris Calohan

    Looking Up

    Infrared R72 Filter, f/9, ISO 100, 30 Sec
  12. Chris Calohan

    It Was a Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day

  13. Chris Calohan

    As Time Goes By

  14. Chris Calohan

    Image from the Stump Hole

    Another foray into IR but it becomes rather obvious that without the greenery, there is not the same contrast pop. On this one, I allowed some of the color to bleed through, but only as much as to provide some atmospheric depth that is lost in a pure B&W.
  15. Kevin Pinkerton

    Fairies and infrared

    This is an infrared photograph I took of a small pond on my farm. I love taking photos of this pond, especially in IR. This photo has flipped vertically in the center (or perhaps you could say it was rotated 180 degrees). The upper half of this image as shown here is all a reflection off of the...
  16. Kevin Pinkerton

    IR of my farm

    I am going to see how cumbersome using a link to a FB photo is with this post. The photo is public and from my FB page. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1001794433526905&set=a.103933096646381&type=3&theater
  17. Kevin Pinkerton

    Infrared of a pond on my farm

    Hello everyone. I am new here and wanted to share an IR image to kick things off. If my username is an issue (as it is what I love to do, not my name), then please let me know. This image is from my archives. It is an 850nm filter made with an older Nikon D5200 full spectrum camera.
  18. Evgeniya Korneeva

    Dangerous conspiracy among a group of peppers.

    When I saw them, I thought - Hmm, they’re probably plotting something.. Then I took a photo in Infrared, and my suspicions were confirmed. Filter RG720, Nikon D7100.
  19. Evgeniya Korneeva

    Several shining 'bulbs'.

    "Several light bulbs." This is a photo of acorns. I took this photo using a Nikon D7100, converted full-spectrum camera. The filter on the lens is Schott RG715. For lighting - I used several different LEDs, that hung around. Photo taken in the infrared, in total darkness. So, I wanted to get a...
  20. J

    Secret Light of Flowers

    Mounting a Sony A7R to a 4x5 view camera and using old portrait lenses ( thank you Jim Galli) dating from 1890 to 1920, I started a series of IR still life’s of a variety of flowers.