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Sordo, Ciego, y Mudo

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Excellent subject and well lit to minimize expected reflections. These are fun! This picture is not only nice in itself, (although, nice should be used for cake or atomic particle phyisics), but also is a great way to exercise composition skills without needing to provide models food or pay! May I offer some ideas to consider:

  1. I'd do more working with the background.

  2. Also consider making the lighting more interesting. for example you might try illuminating just one face. Maybe put them by the window even try more than one light. Even illumination like saying I love you all day, not very interesting!

  3. I'd look for a simple bench for them so one has only one or two horizontal lines. Some fine vertical lines in the b.g. would be great. These could be grasses that would look like bamboo plants.

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