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Stream and canes

Antonio Correia

Well-known member
Shot during a walk in the countryside


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
A startling scene, Antonio. It’s like the aftermath of some accident or even a crime! The reflection of the sky in the water helps make this picture so interesting! That should be seen in the print!


The cross-cross haphazard overlapping of the canes reminds me of the game “Pick-up Sticks”!


A goodgame to play. One gets skills at knowing which stick can be lifted without disturbing everything else.

That skill-set Paid off for me when choosing the order of removal of posts my house eaten by termites. The wrong order could lead to collapse of the wall and then the floor above!

Thr structural engineer asked me if I knew this game, as I’d better be a master at it if I insisted on replacing a supporting wall of eaten timber by myself!

Fortunately,I was guided by the angels and aced the job!