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  1. Antonio Correia

    Morning fog

  2. Chris Calohan

    Motion and Light

  3. S

    Watch The Flow

    just watching the flow at an old flood gate at a lock on the D&R Canal section near Lake Carnegie in Princeton,NJ
  4. Kevin Pinkerton

    Fairies and infrared

    This is an infrared photograph I took of a small pond on my farm. I love taking photos of this pond, especially in IR. This photo has flipped vertically in the center (or perhaps you could say it was rotated 180 degrees). The upper half of this image as shown here is all a reflection off of the...
  5. Tom dinning

    Hervey Bay Queensland.

    Hervey Bay is a community locked between Fraser Island and the rest of Australia. It’s communities were fishers which now link to form a rather large population. It’s a haven for retirees because of the weather and lifestyle. It also has very respectable medical services dealing with old people...
  6. Chris Calohan

    Luke Water Walker

    Great Blue Heron
  7. Tom dinning

    Venice on the move.

    I think I’m using james as my reference point. I keep looking for missing items.
  8. Tom dinning

    Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

    https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-26/canungra-runs-out-of-water-without-warning/11739304/ At present, Australia is facing a significant loss in its viability. We are running out of water. It’s not just localised, it’s widespread through every state, region, city and town. Rain is scarce...
  9. Tom dinning

    Waiting for peace.

    The ocean is a place of peace for some. The muffled sounds of surf against the sand. The turbulence of waves and wind. The endless horizon. Unknown depths. As I stand here watching and waiting I am reminded of nothing. I can wait or I can move into the image. I have chosen to move. Then I...
  10. Tom dinning

    Being calm

    When life is just a little disjointed and I keep bumping into people going in their own direction, I switch on my iPad and browse through the 778 images from the Cloud. I find a place of balance and serenity and breathe gently, have some pleasant thought and consider the world a better place...
  11. M

    Water from rivers

    This is an easy way to use the flowing river to extract water e.g. for irrigation. Michael
  12. Asher Kelman

    In Perspective, Planet: THEME: The ocean as a muse!

    Time for contemplation Asher Kelman: Boy and the Ocean Add your own interpretations on this theme! Asher
  13. A

    Working with water in still life and AD photography: Episode one

    Hope this is might be interesting for the community, we did this tutorial few month ago: This is the most enjoyable photo-shot I had for last few month: not only the most technically challenging but the end result is the most eye-catching and outstanding. The idea was to use a water as a...