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Four Days of Fog and Frost

The Midwest has had some interesting weather these past few days. It started with some sloppy wet snow, followed by freezing rain, then a whole lot of widespread dense freezing fog.

The combination is a painter/photographer's dream. When it continues for as long as this has, it becomes a little too much of a good thing. Driving a vehicle in the early morning can be dicey too. Dense fog will turn into dents fog in the blink of an eye if your attention wanders.

This is a local creek photographed this cloudy morning with two merged frames from a 90mm tilt shift lens, shifted horizontally with camera body in landscape orientation.

Kingsbury Creek​

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

An inviting river scene. Again it presents a journey. I find it fascinating and an excellent choice for a wall in a living room, library or den.

I am thrilled to enjoy the fruits of your skilled landscape work.

I only have the 24 mm T/S and appreciate the quality of the Canon optics. The 90mm gives more compression.

I am so used to using Autopano Giga for far landscapes that I rarely use the T/S lens but I see I should reconsider.

Thank you Asher, there are many ways to skin the pano cat. Lens shifting is mine, but I've got a brother who gets great results with a tripod mounted pano head.