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The LaCrosse BC-900 battery charger/tester/conditioner


Doug Kerr

The LaCrosse BC-900 is a charger, tester, and conditioner for AA and AAA size rechargeable cells of the Ni-Cd and Ni-MH types. It offers extremely flexible management of its numerous functions.

It is extremely useful in managing the herd of rechargeable AA cells many of us have in connection with portable flash units, cameras, and the like.

I have just posted to my technical information site, "The Pumpkin", a new tutorial article, The LaCrosse BC-900
Battery Charger/Tester/Conditioner
, available here:


It describes the BC-900 and its functions and features, and gives complete instructions for its operation, presented from a slightly different perspective than in the excellent manual that accompanies the unit.

This release is the latest in a series of new and updated articles released in honor of my recently-passed 70th birthday.

Doug Kerr

Hi, Jack,

Can it except BP 511's and their Nikon equal?
No it only accepts AA and AAA size cells, of only the Ni-Cd and Ni-MH type (the BP-511 is a lithium ion battery).

Best regards,