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Trichopsocus brincki

Paul Iddon

This is I believe Trichopsocus brincki - found on the waste bin in the garden which I had just filled with branches from a leylandii conifer - will have come from the conifer for sure. The others are also Psocids - though at the moment I am not able to give a definitive ID on those, but they are likely to be at least 2 different sub-species. The T.brincki was about 3mm long - the others were around just 1mm. Used extension tubes on the LAOWA 60D for the photos.







Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Wonderful picture. You do wonders with that 60 mm macro lens.

But I thought Psocids had a distinctive big nose?


Paul Iddon

It's hard enough measuring the whole insect Asher, never mind measuring its nose... ;)

I suppose there are too many to be sure of all anatomical variances.