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Welcome to the White Balance Forum

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Michael Tapes

OPF Administrator/Moderator
Long before I created the WhiBal certified WB Reference, I struggled to find the magic to creating a proper White balance, coming to realize that a proper White Balanced Raw Conversion was the path to the most accurate and pleasing color. Even if one is to deviate from the most accurate color, starting with a proper White Balance is essential for the Raw Converter, and Camera profile to do their jobs. The premise of the camera profile is an accurate White Balance. So I quickly came to realize that a true certified white balance reference was essential to my work and anyone who is interested in getting "proper" color.

While there were several references available at the time of the D30 and beyond, may of the so called "gray cards" or devices were not designed for digital white balance, they were designed for film based exposure readings. Like the famous Kodak Gray card for example. So my journey brought me to find only a few real references, but while they were technically accurate they were either too expensive or not easy to carry or use, or they were too fragile.

In this forum we will explore all of these issues and look at the solutions on the market and the techniques to achieve great color through the proper setting of White balance whether you shoot RAW or JPEG.

I look forward to some great discussions. Let the talks begin!
Not open for further replies.