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Critique Requested What is wrong with this photo?

Tom dinning

Have I seen that image before?
She looks familiar.
Certainly nothing wrong with it that I can see. Not that I know what you specifically had in mind. Nice and relaxed pose, technically OK.
If you were taking a photograph of an Apple I’d say you have the wrong subject matter.

Jerome Marot

Well-known member
That is a puzzling question to ask. But since you ask it, I would say quite a few things are unsettling in this image, starting with the missing chair rear legs.

It is an interesting image, though.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

You are so nuts, my friend, at least in your sudden identification of a substantial “flaw” in this, my favorite, of your vintage pictures we had on the original landing-page of OPF!

There is nothing “wrong” with this picture, because that was how you the artist made it. I can stand folk demanded that art meet their own set ideas. One is free to like it or not:
  • a steel rod seeming to line up with the back of a subjects head
  • or arms not completely in the picture
  • Cropped tight
  • Not cropped at all
  • Whatever!
are all fine by me, as long as the image:

  • serves to document something significant
  • or else evokes some reaction.
In this picture there’s a beautiful awfully under-age young woman, posed almost provocatively, who has not mastered grooming for adult fashion!


The posing stool has the back legs covered. But bad on you, Will, here brown eyes can’t be seen because of dark shadows. That is the only technical point that rises to a flaw in an otherwise perfect study of a young girl posing as a would-be, wanna-be actress with a dream!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture again! I really find is adorable, faults and all!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

My good friend, allow me to go further and take you to task.

[First to those who may not know, Will is totally at home with any lighting system and could light any dark church scene or mid day beach wedding....

.......even fully loaded!]

To me, it’s disappointing to release otherwise fabulous portraits with eyes unintentionally hard to identify! That’s the only fault and it still doesn’t ruin or negate the charm of the picture. It just makes you as human as the rest of us!

What you might think is “the” fault in the picture has escaped me, so it must be very, very obvious: hidden in plain sight!


Tom dinning

I’m reminded of my own daughter arriving home from her first day of work, collapsing on the hall chair and contemplating another day like the one she just had.
“Dad, if that’s work I’m over it. And these clothes don’t do me justice either”
The somber eyes suit her.

Doug Kerr

Well-known member
Hi, Will,

I think what's wrong with this is that there is no locomotive in it.

I myself am not concerned about the rear legs of the posing stool, but à chacum son égout. Rear legs are very likely important to some people. Why, I knew a follow once . . . Well, never mind.

All kidding aside, I think it is a precious image. As is.

Best regards,


Jim Galli

I was all in until I got the her legs. Doesn't make any sense. They don't add anything but questions. But . . . I'm completely untrained, so, there's that. I put her in photo shop so I could see the whole image at the same time (didn't fit in my monitor) and that didn't help me. If I crop up from the bottom so all flesh from legs is gone and in from the left for balance, it starts to make more sense, in fact I quite like it. Totally FWIW, but you asked.