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  1. Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)

    So test shoot for Passion Elemental Witch Goddess Project

    The three pictures are of Model Kerri Taylor, third time I have shot with her, been a few years. This is a set of three images for the "Passion" outfit for my Elemental Witch Goddess set. It was somewhat done, although I am not fully happy with the results of the outfit, although I think Kerri...
  2. Jarmo Juntunen

    Girl in red

    Me and Laura (my daughter, for those who don't know) tried a couple of new ideas at the studio.
  3. Jarmo Juntunen

    A Merrier Christmas

    So I posted a Christmas-themed thread here: https://openphotographyforums.com/forums/threads/merry-effing-xmas.26028/#post-213963 I wanted to post this one under the same section but ran into some obscure server problems and had to come to this section, instead. Meet Ms Eveliina Eevu Heikkilä...
  4. Doug Kerr

    Studio 4x4+

    As some of you know, about a year ago, Carla's youngest son, Larry, and his wife Nona (and their puppy, Foxy) came to live with us here in Alamogordo, in southern New Mexico. Larry was then a few years out of the US Army, where he served for 26 years, the last 23 of them with various army bands...
  5. D

    Yet another new toy, 1200 WS Ring light with 1200WS pack battery powered!

    Fashion models coming soon!
  6. D

    A very dark Mary Poppins

  7. D

    Several photos from a studio!

  8. D

    NSFW I love pink polkadots!

  9. D

    NSFW Things are looking up!

  10. choidavid

    Beauty shoot

    A shot from my recent beauty shoot -full story can be seen here. Let me know what you think!
  11. D

    A beautiful model can brighten your day!

  12. D

    Show us your studio inside, outside, home, or other!

    Here is mine.
  13. D

    The Evil Fairy Princess!

  14. D

    Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: World’s smallest light stand, part of a studio in a backpack!

  15. D

    Who makes a 200WS TTL ringlite for Canon EOS?

    Who makes a 200WS TTL ringlite for Canon EOS? I have a 1DXII, 5D4, 5DS, and several 7D2. In the past I have been forced to convert other MFGR to meet my needs. Hoping some MFGR now makes one?
  16. D

    Critique Requested What is wrong with this photo?

  17. Carl Armijo

    J the Barber

  18. N

    Greetings from 2BIS Photo & Video Studio, Paris France

    2BIS Photo & Video Studio welcomes you to the heart of Paris, named after our prime location on 2 Bis Rue Fallempin, walking distance from the Eiffel Tower. 2BIS has a total 40 square meters studio area with 5 meters width of white cyclorama & white floor to add a spacious and infinity effect...
  19. S

    In Perspective, Fun: The woman with 4 legs

    and 2 left arms... Freaks!Freaks!Freaks!
  20. A

    Hasselblad H4D-50 against Canon 1Ds MarkIII: what do we get for the money?

    Hope this comparison I did about a week ago will be interesting for the community: I had a great opportunity to test-drive a new Hasselbald H4d camera with its huge 50 Megapixel digital back, thank to John Williams from Hotwire-digital.com. Knowing specification of the Hasselblad, I did not...