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Why Wouldn't You Travel More When There Are So Many Benefits of Traveling?!

Antonio Correia

Well-known member
4. Travel gives Culture and broads your horizons !


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Just consider the entire interacted design teams and work shops, machines that machine, bend, harden, miles of electric wires and self sealing gas tanks.

We take such things as flight for granted now.

But each depends on inventive genius, scholarship and endeavor by tens of thousands of individuals. The latter nurtured and schooled by loved ones and local schools and major universities.

This wing we fly on is collaboration on a massive scale by society.

Kudos to everyone!

Hello Comunity!

Here are some pictures from my travel to Zaragoza, a city in Spain located in the Autonomous Comunity of Aragan, an amazing place to try new food and watch different outstanding architecture, hope you like it ;)

This building is The Govern Congress Palace of Zaragoza.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-16 at 10.00.29 AM.jpg

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

You have excelled! A surprising and delightful instruction to the architecture!


What a wonderful way of bringing us into stunning new architecture. A unique curator!

Antonio Correia

Well-known member
Asher, I think they are real graves. People pray on the tombs of ancestors while pouring they favourite drinks.
Asher, I think it is rather dangerous to travel these days. Why ? Because you fly for 10 or more hours inside a plane, because you can stay in a fantastic hotel on the 10th where the windows are completely closed and the air is the one which comes out the AC, because the car you are in has closed windows with AC on because of the heat, because if you get ill you may not have the necessary help, because ...
My wife and myself we have been over and over in dangerous places and dangerous situations but this time the risk is too big.
I want to cry ! :cautious: