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Wildlife Portrait

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
It's a red panda.

It's a purloined reposted Red Kaola, but used without permission as far as we could tell. Maggie Terlecki kindly contributed her dogged detective skills to confirm my suspicions that the fellow posting, was trying to drum up referrals to his commercial retouching web site. Maggie write me as follows:

"More proof:

Now that I know who the photographer was .. Simone Torkington,
it was easy to find that she sells the image through Getty images,
for 575.00 for the large.. and that's to use it and it still doesn't belong
to you.. it's exactly the same, but flipped.

What is foolish is that we are happy to support most endeavors by active members to promote their own interests, as long as they are upfront and ask how we handled things. So we can support a portrait business, wedding photographers, courses by anyone competent, but not image theft.

Unfortunately, this filtering of posts takes an inordinate amount of time. But one does get to develop a sense of what seems out of place for an unusual picture posted by a person with less linguistic skills Trump explaining why everything is fabulous!