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  1. S

    A view of how some things are made

  2. S

    Sometimes Photography allows Art to be seen all over.

    Nebuta Art from Aomori, JP All you need: wood, wire, washi, lighting, paint, and a smattering of imagination and talent
  3. WiiliePacher


  4. Per Ellström

    Photography turned to Art ...

    I'm "insane” and do strange projects. I was asked to be a backup exhibitor at a local gallery, and do 12 digital paintings, which I did, and then got obsessed and did 142 in four months. Here is a selfie painting example ( In My Own Hands ), based on my images of parts of me and inside of...
  5. S

    Art in the Park

    up in Meredith, New Hampshire
  6. Charlotte Thompson

    Morphine the Night

    The title comes from the song Morphine the Night by Sandman who died on the floor at concert. I love the sad song. My tribute if you will. The girl in the art is who Sandman sings about is Morphine a metaphor . The lyrics are incredible "You are night Lylah little girl lost in the woods :
  7. Charlotte Thompson

    A Touch of Pink for Asher

  8. Tom dinning

    writing about art

    I’ve had the opportunity, thanks to COVID 19, to enrol in a normally residential course from the National Gallery of Victoria. Being on line isn’t quite as intimate but it’s the next best thing. Naturally I chose to write about a photograph during my first week. Bruised peaches 2018 from...
  9. Will Thompson

    A nude safe for work!

  10. Tom dinning

    Suburban art.

    Walking the streets of my neighbourhood. Scraps of visual pleasure. The neighbours watch with a curious eye. Children hide behind their mothers skirts. Tomorrow it will all be gone.
  11. nicolas claris

    Art works

    Already posted somewhere in OPF, but this is a new version including the current exhibition as well as the one by OPF GALLERY ONE at the Photo Contemporary Art Fair 2015… A film edited by @romain claris
  12. Charlotte Thompson

    Falling. O.

  13. Tom dinning

    If it looks like art

    If it looks like art, has legs like art, then it’s art. New look on an old subject.
  14. Tom dinning

    An art perspective

    “What are the circles around there head for, Tom?” “Don’t ask. You wouldn’t believe it” Kelsy has had no experience with art other than what I have provided. She’s an eager student with an inquisitive mind. I taught her what my father taught me.
  15. Tom dinning

    Creating art from nothing

    The wall is blank. “We need some art here” “We’ll make some” So much from so little.
  16. L

    What is a Photograph?

    In our post-digital world - what (in your opinion) is a photograph? Is it the image out the camera - or is it the post-processed result of digital manipulation? On the continuum of processing from camera to post-processed, manipulated, composited digital creation is there a point at which a...
  17. M

    Happy To Be Here

    Helloooo, Very happy to have found this forum as this seems to be somewhere where there are people with the same interests as me. I am very into capturing the 'is-ness' of things - such a lovely phrase - explains everything! Often my photographs have no other meaning other than the is-ness of...
  18. F

    Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Hand Balancing Act

    Hi all, just found this forum and the quality of images, photographers, and information is outstanding. Although I'm not a professional shooter, I like to share my shoots, and information about them. here's my latest. And if you'd like to take a peek at the info of the process, you can...
  19. I

    Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Swedish perspective

    Hello! Have a look at Swedish photographer Ingemar Edfalk´s work. Updates every day: http://bildburen.blogspot.com/ Regards...