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  1. L

    What is a Photograph?

    In our post-digital world - what (in your opinion) is a photograph? Is it the image out the camera - or is it the post-processed result of digital manipulation? On the continuum of processing from camera to post-processed, manipulated, composited digital creation is there a point at which a...
  2. M

    Happy To Be Here

    Helloooo, Very happy to have found this forum as this seems to be somewhere where there are people with the same interests as me. I am very into capturing the 'is-ness' of things - such a lovely phrase - explains everything! Often my photographs have no other meaning other than the is-ness of...
  3. F

    Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Hand Balancing Act

    Hi all, just found this forum and the quality of images, photographers, and information is outstanding. Although I'm not a professional shooter, I like to share my shoots, and information about them. here's my latest. And if you'd like to take a peek at the info of the process, you can...
  4. I

    Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Swedish perspective

    Hello! Have a look at Swedish photographer Ingemar Edfalk´s work. Updates every day: http://bildburen.blogspot.com/ Regards...