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  1. Jarmo Juntunen

    Studio with Laura and Manu the cat

    A few studio snaps after my lenghty absence. Finally, the less-than-impressed furry model
  2. P

    Melissa's Favorite

  3. P

    Another Melissa

  4. P


    A new subject. I will move her away from the wall next time.
  5. P

    Another Aleja

    Apologies for double posting La Parter. By way of compensation here is another of Aleja.
  6. P

    Food Server

    At a cultural event.
  7. P


  8. P


    On a visit to the zoo.
  9. P

    Embera Girl

  10. P


  11. P

    Aleja's Niece

  12. P

    Gisell Performing

  13. P


  14. P

    Sipping Sangría

    And turning twenty one.
  15. Asher Kelman

    Shadows on the back of a girl

    At a restaurant last night people were celebrating access to many restaurants. I noticed that back of one diner shadows from the string sun! Asher Kelman: “Girl with Blue-Jeans” Asher
  16. P

    Ocean View

    Not really nude but where else does this go? Nuquí, Chocó department, Colombia.
  17. P

    Long Hair

    It is very rare in this part of the world that girls or women under 50 will have short hair unless they are hippie "rebeldes" or lesbian.
  18. P

    Angie Natalia

  19. P


  20. P


    Lina is a proud member of "el otro equipo" as they say hears abouts.