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  1. P

    Long Horn

    Amphelictus milleri
  2. Jerome Marot


    Just a few pictures of bees I took yesterday. Spring is coming!
  3. P


  4. P


  5. P


    Family: Cicadellidae
  6. Jerome Marot

    Vespa velutina

    Vespa velutina, the Asian hornet is an invasive species in France where it was accidentally imported near Bordeaux in 2004. They are a concern to beekeepers, as they tend to prey on western honeybees which have not evolved defense strategies as the Asian honeybee was able to do.
  7. P

    Shoes To Match

    A weevil I believe Family: Cholus
  8. Jerome Marot

    Right-handed circular polarization.

    I am not really sure where to post this.... As the weather in Munich is abnormally hot (which worries me), I found out that I have an infestation of green rose chaffers (cetonia aurata) in the house. I find one every second day trying to get out through the window glass. This green coleoptera...
  9. P

    Xanthoepalpus bicolor

    One of a hundred and sixty or so species of Tachinid flies in Colombia. Flies of that group are parasitic often killing the host but in some cases not. Larva enter the hosts by different methods and parasitize many kinds of insects.
  10. P