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  1. Paul Iddon

    Night pics

    11pm... Paul.
  2. Paul Iddon

    You put just one foot wrong...

    You put just one foot wrong... Amaurobius sp. versus the Opilione... and there is only one winner... Paul.
  3. Paul Iddon

    15mm wide angle macro lens Walkabout photo's (lots of them)...

    While waiting for the car to (fail) it's MOT (until the fix tomorrow when it will pass! (just some welding, nothing too expensive))... I had an hour walking around the nearby Avenham & Miller parks area by the River Ribble in Preston, and took only the LOAWA 15mm wide angle macro lens with me...
  4. Paul Iddon


    Great bug subjects, though they do rank among my least favourite to handle! Paul.
  5. Paul Iddon

    Friday night's jaunt

    A quick look in the garden area... Paul.
  6. Paul Iddon

    Come for sex, or just a chat...

    I think they are both the same sex, so a chat it was... :) Paul.
  7. Paul Iddon


    This is a harvestman - they have 8 legs (usually) but this one has only seven - though it will survive just as well as any other despite losing a leg... It is either Phalangium opilio, or the red harvestman Opilio canestrinii. Paul.
  8. Paul Iddon

    When is a stick not a stick?

    When is a stick not a stick? When it is Ectropis crepuscularia... Known with the common name as The Engrailed moth. So here are 2 sticks - then..... A living stick! cont...
  9. Paul Iddon

    Eulophus wasp parasitoids photos and video

    I found these on a caterpillar. Nature being nature, I doubt this one will pupate... YouTube Video << Paul.
  10. Paul Iddon

    The same ladybird? Possibly...

    This is probably the same ladybird that I found the other night - I can't be sure, but it's a distinct possibility. I'm wondering today though, if it is a female, or not... There are a few subtle differences to distinguish between a male and female ladybird (not counting the obvious) - which...
  11. Paul Iddon


    Cicadella viridis is a relatively large (length 6-9mm - though this one was around 6mm) and distinctive species, with yellow on the head and pronotum (first thoracic segment) contrasting with the blue-green colour of the rest of the body. Perhaps this one is immature - there is not much blueness...
  12. Paul Iddon

    Lady of the night - with video intro!

    There's no reason as to why a ladybird should have appeared in the darkness of my garden this late in September - but none the less, there she was, as I was out looking for spiders... Just to set the scene - after finding her and taking the first photos where I spotted her - the resulting...
  13. Paul Iddon


    Culex sp. The mosquito has almost certainly emerged recently from out of my small garden pond where there are hundreds more water-borne larvae. Paul.
  14. Paul Iddon

    Dining out Harvestman

    I found this harvestman (Opilio canestrinii) feasting and seemingly loving every mouthful... Paul.
  15. Paul Iddon


    One around the geranium, the other on the leycesteria. Lacanobia oleracea - and Spilosoma lutea (bright-line brown-eye moth and the Buff Ermine moth). Paul.
  16. Paul Iddon

    Araneus diadematus

    The webs are built by the large females. At the tip of the abdomen there are three pairs of spinnerets, which secrete silk used to create the web. They usually face head down on the web. Orb Spiders are said to eat their webs each night along with many of the small insects stuck to it. They have...
  17. Paul Iddon

    Resting dronefly

    Close to the garden spider I also found a dronefly settling in for the night though as I got closer I disturbed it and it flew to find somewhere a little more peaceful ! Paul.
  18. Paul Iddon

    Night photos

    Just a few from tonight - the first actually flew in and landed on the chopping board, the others were on the rhubarb leaf and the old wooden bird table - both in their own dining areas! Paul.
  19. Paul Iddon


    I'm assuming a sawfly? It was on the soil below the zinnia's and didn't look too healthy, so I carefully popped it onto the flower, maybe that will help it, though I fear it's the wrong flower, and perhaps too late anyway... Paul.
  20. Paul Iddon

    Brockholes Nature Reserve and the 15mm macro lens

    I'm an ambassador just now, for LAOWA optics, and they kindly sent me their 15mm wide angle f/4 macro lens to play with - and it opens up a world of possibilities - designed to allow macro photography that capture scenes beyond into the landscape distance. Great fun but niche, here are some...